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This is most correctly called the half-lotus posture compare with full-lotus posture below. Other names used for this posture are : 'hero posture' or virasana paryankasana. Meditating in the full-lotus posture. This is also called the diamond posture. Other names used are 'adamantine pose' or Vajrasana. Each foot is resting on the opposite thigh, right leg crossed over the left leg.

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Notice that the soles of both feet are visible. While not that common in Thailand, a Buddha image seated in this way is more likely to be observed in the North of the country, and is common in India. Do not practice this in one go at home! Stone carving of scene from the Buddha's life. Dvaravati art 7thth century A. The Lord Buddha is seated in so-called 'European' fashion.

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Siddhartha relocated to a spot near this pleasant village in the far west of Magadha, where he took up a completely different course of action. He decided that all he was doing was risking death without any solution to the problems of suffering and death. It is one of the most sacred sites of Buddhism. He sought a way to understand the human situation that would be liberating. He combined restraint with the withdrawal from the senses he had learnt in meditation.

Remembering a moment of quiet illumination from his childhood, he entered a state of mind in which he could recall his past lives and understand what kept him and others tied to the cycle of rebirth. The 5th Century Dhamekh Stupa at Sarnath which is said to mark the spot in the deer park where the Buddha gave his first sermon.

The exact time varies according to source, but several weeks after his awakening, the Buddha decided to communicate his experience to other people. He was not originally optimistic about this, but was persuaded that someone might understand. He took some care to explain his insights to them. The teaching he gave is summarised in a text called the Dharma-cakra-pravartana Sutra — the discourse describing the first turning of the wheel of the teaching.

The five ascetics became his first five disciples. The Buddha taught continuously in the remaining 45 years of his life.

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He travelled around north-east India, teaching in a variety of dialects. Falling ill, possibly from food poisoning, he checked with his monastic followers whether they had any questions to ask before he died.

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They had none. Press on with due care. The Buddha had left instructions for his disposal. His body was to be wrapped in linen and cotton, encased in an iron vessel and burnt on a pyre. The surviving pieces of burnt bone were divided between representatives from eight states.

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  • Each group built a funerary monument over their relic, and these became the 10 places where the Buddha could be worshipped. Avoid all evil, cultivate good, and purify your mind — this is the Buddhas' teaching. Presented by Bettany Hughes.

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    Presented by Bruce Parry. This page is no longer being updated. BBC Iwonder.

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    Controversial dates Buddhism is largely based on the teachings and philosophy of one man, the Buddha, and his spiritual journey. Nepalese painting of Sujata offering milk rice to the Buddha.