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Following a night of heavy drinking with three friends, she's reported missing. A week later, Francesca's body is discovered severely mangled in a toilet by the East River. The case quickly becomes a high-profile hunt that the Homicide Unit are quick to snatch away. Covertly, O'Hara and Krekorian continue their own investigation into the city's seedy underbelly. But they have to move fast before Homicide make a devestating mistake that will leave the real killer free.

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Skriv anmeldelse. Betal med gavekort her. But she has to move fast, because Lowry and the NYPD are about to make a devastating mistake that will leave the real killer free. Both the story and cast were shaped by the men and women, I was lucky enough to spend time with. This is also true of the setting.

I recalled that a former colleague had married a cop who had worked out of the 7, the Lower East Side precinct just south of the East Village between Houston and Chinatown. When I arrived, the three man detective team was, like her, finishing their lunch at the filthy table at the back of the room. The retired cop explained what I had in mind, and to my surprise, no one objected. For the next couple months, I often joined them on their shifts, passing myself off as the passive taciturn member of the team.

When they went into the projects to talk to victims or witnesses or make an arrest, I stood beside, or better yet behind them, my only responsibility not to say or do anything that exposed me as an imposter and coward.

On house calls, I pretended not to be scared. When we went to bars, I pretended I could drink. Others were deeply personal. For example, Fort Washington Avenue, at the top of Manhattan in Washington Heights, where Consuela Entonces lives with her daughters, is the building my father lived in as a teenager. Then it was filled with recently arrived German Jews like him. Location-wise, I only took a couple liberties. On Thanksgiving Eve, when Francesca Pena climbs out of the subway onto Bleeker Street, Tower Records loomed over the neighborhood, running from Broadway to the far side of Lafayette.

I gave them a call and their prices are still the cheapest in the neighborhood. He worked as a reporter at the Associated Press and has been a contributing writer to the New York Times Magazine and other publications.

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Established in , we have over , books in stock. The Post and News are interested in the potential tragedy as a cautionary tale. A teenage girl stays alone at a bar in the hope of getting laid. Therefore, she has to be punished. Its story on the front page of the Metro section, above the fold, recounts how Pena grew up on public assistance in a notorious Chicago ghetto, lost her drug-addicted father to AIDS when she was eleven and got into enough trouble in her early teens to do two months in juvenile lockup.

Desperate to escape the gravity of the inner city, mother and daughter rolled the dice and moved to New England. In Westfield, the mother was remarried, to a local carpenter and small-time contractor, Dominic Coppalano, and took his name, while Francesca kept the Pena of her late father. In the depressed former mill town of Westfield, Massachusetts, Pena rewrote her destiny, or at least tried to.

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She became a competitive runner and a motivated student, won a scholarship to a prep school and two years later a full ride at NYU. According to a quote from the Assistant Provost and Director of Admissions, Pena had made so much progress as a student-athlete, the school was planning to propose her as a candidate for a Rhodes scholarship. When catastrophe lurks, a pretty girl becomes a breathtaking beauty and a B student a future world leader. But not for long.


The oil-stained mirrors and dusty paintings that at night suggested the lodgings and funky heirlooms of a hard-partying disinherited count look like sidewalk trash during the day, and the animal heads on the walls look like roadkill. Over the next hour, the waitresses and other kitchen staff trickle in, the employees getting prettier and whiter the closer they get to the customers.

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After they left, she moved to a table and stuck it out by herself to the bitter end. Besides she did it so fast, it was like laser surgery. He finished his drink, put down a generous tip and left. Then she took her Jack and Coke and sat down at that table. As soon as they left, she switched to something simple.

I was relieved. They seemed like brats. It was more like she had nowhere to go. Krekorian starts the car and cranks the heat, and they sit in silence, giving each other the space to think. A soft rain has begun to fall, and at Rivington is already deep in shadows, the last bit of light falling out of the sky like a boxer taking a dive. Then, the minute he comes over, she shoots him down. Maybe Polanski looked even older up close.

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Maybe he had a creepy voice. Or worst of all, maybe he smelled bad. At three a. To the east, all is black, as if the night had taken the old neighborhood by surprise. They cross dark, skinny Rivington Park between a rubber-coated jungle gym and an overgrown garden, the damp air smelling of night and greasy egg rolls.