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They are opposites and yet very much alike. Both are thought to be beneath the upper crust of English society. When they get together, the ton is in for a surprise. Once again Dare pairs an unusual couple for a tantalizing outcome. Liviana Mayeux finds herself shipped off to England to live with Lord Holmesfield, a grandfather she barely knows. Now her father and her grandfather want to make a proper lady out of her. His half brother, Lord Eynsford, wants to make gentlemen out of them despite their Lycan ways. Dare has created well-developed characters that are strong, but with quirks and flaws.

The story moves at a steady pace with a good mix of romance, humor, family, paranormal, and historical setting. This is the ninth installment in the Westfield Wolves series, but is a stand alone read. The feisty spirit of Liviana and the sexy charm of Grayson makes for an enticing tale.

However, receiving the complimentary copy did not influence my review. Apr 30, Christyn rated it liked it Shelves: historical-romance , regency , paranormal , humor , shifters , romance. In terms of reading, Wolfishly Yours is an easy and likable read. In terms of a romance, it's not as strong as I would've liked. The common problem I've had with a lot of Ms. Dare's books is that they seem to be overrun with recurring side characters and going-ons that serve no purpose to the story.

There was some romance, but I guess I just didn't feel it as strongly as I expected from a romance book. There is nothing wrong with the characters - I enjoyed them and wish the story had focused mo In terms of reading, Wolfishly Yours is an easy and likable read. There is nothing wrong with the characters - I enjoyed them and wish the story had focused more on the two leads developing a relationship with each other. Livi and Gray were charming in their own ways but I felt there wasn't a very strong focus on them. And then with all these people showing up it's a wonder that more didn't go wrong, and that they fell in love anyway.

I was genuinely amused and even charmed at times by the interactions between Livi and Gray but frustrated by all these unnecessary characters popping up. There is a slight paranormal angle to it - but it doesn't play a particularly large part of the story, it's more of a background issue and wasn't used to it's fullest potential in this book. There were also some things that I felt were rushed, especially toward the end - like the romance, and how quickly Livi left for home, not to mention the 'villain' who was so pathetic it wasn't even funny - it felt like they just threw him in because the story needed a 'villain'.

Overall - it wasn't the worst but it's not the best romance. It's like a catch up with other characters with a side of romance. I'm not sure if there will be other stories but it certainly leaves that impression. It was okay and pleasant enough to read - but I wanted an all out romance and I don't feel I got that well not until the end - that felt more like a romance.

Oct 04, Stephanie G rated it really liked it Shelves: reviewed-read-by-athenna. I love Lydia Dare's writing. It's quick with a touch of humor and a over all great love story. In Wolfishly Yours Grayson Hadley gets his book and his sassy bride. Grayson and his brothers are not viewed well in upper-society. So when Mr. Holmesfield enlists the help of Gray's mother to help induct his granddaughter into civilized society Gray inadvertently is enlisted to help. I love the way Gray is just enamored the moment he sets eyes on the beautiful Liviana Mayeux. Gray is a fun loving man.

He is not my favorite brother but i loved him. I absolutely adored Livi, she has such sass and a brazen attitude. She is willing to endure the lessons on how to be a proper lady, but it will never let it change her spirit, she's a high spirited female raised by 3 lycan males. I would have like a little more heat and sexy scenes but overall it was great. They love story is sweet and fulfilling.

There is very cute humor throughout the whole book. It as not my favorite of the series but i liked it a lot. Apr 29, Wordsworth rated it it was ok Shelves: dnf. Here we start with a potentially promising relationship, only asshole Grayson convinces Livi's guardian that he's debauched her publicly, in a garden, in order to secure the ailing man's reluctant permission for them to wed.

After seeing that book 5 and another previous marriage were achieved through kidnapping, I was done. Feb 16, Melanie rated it liked it. I'm not usually reading stories in this particular genre, but this cover and the title was what made me take a second look at the genre. That said, I am sort of glad I did veer in this direction. The story was well written and I really liked the pace of it. It moved fast and had me interested in the outcome.

There's plenty of interesting characters and that helped with a predictable plot. In the end, I found the story romantic, funny and entertaining. I would that I had read this series from book I'm not usually reading stories in this particular genre, but this cover and the title was what made me take a second look at the genre. I would that I had read this series from book one though ; Melanie for b2b Mar 17, Amanda rated it liked it Shelves: romance. Quick read. This premise sounded more interesting than the others while not realizing there was a series so I'm not sure if this was addressed in another book, but can female Lycans not shapeshift in this universe?

It's only ever mentioned in the male context. Jun 13, Jennifer rated it it was ok Shelves: challenge. For a shifter series, there was absolutely no shifting going on. May 15, Kristel rated it did not like it. Lacked intensity and a good epilogue. Dec 10, Joelle rated it really liked it Shelves: romance , kindle-edition , paranormal-romance , paranormal , series , romance-historical , regency , fiction , historical , england. Description Accustomed to running wild with her Lycan brothers in the swamps of Louisiana, Miss Liviana Mayeux is shipped off to London where Lady Hadley offers to sponsor and assist her.

Before she knows it, Vivi finds herself in the middle of a pack of English wolves who are all vying for her attention. But Lady Hadley's handsome son Grayson is determined to keep her out of trouble.

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If only he knew how I enjoyed this read as the characters were a lot of fun to read about. Grayson being a black sheep of the family so to speak. Then there is Liviana the feisty werewolf with a tart tongue. Both character's give as good as they get with there banner of words they are well matched opponents for one another. Grayson and Liviana meet when Grayson and his mother are paying a call to a neighbor.

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Liviana was sent to her grand-father from America by her father forcing her to become a lady and finally settle down and marry giving up here carefree lifestyle and wayward ways. Liviana will not going willingly and so the adventure begins. From the very first meeting between Liviana and Grayson you sense there chemistry that they have between them. The thing is that Liviana is most bold and lets Grayson know that she knows exactly what he is giving him a total shock and setting him of guard.

And in return she shows him a marking on her person letting him know exactly what she is. The playing field is now leveled! These two have incredible chemistry and sexual tension between them yet knowing nothing will ever become of it as her grandfather will never approve of the match even if they acted on there feelings there pending romance would bed oomed from the get go. I enjoyed this story a lot. The characters made you laugh quiet a lot throughout the story making this story a fun read. I do however have a couple of things that I did not like though.

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One of them is the fact that Liviana's mother left England because of the rigid society she lived in yet Liviana's father is now sending his daughter to England to experience those same constraints society puts on women making it no less then a prison. And the very one reason her mother left to go to America in the first place. I just wanted to smack him!

What the heck was he thinking? Was he trying to break her spirit and her self worth? My only other complaint is that I felt the romance between the couple when it finally did happened that it was a bit rushed. The couple had gone to great pains to fight the attraction between them for so long that I expected to be so wowed and I expected to see an explosive encounter when it did happen that all and all it would have been worth the pain and suffering this couple had to endure to finally be together.

But no fireworks But, the over all story was a pleasant read. Liviana made this story engrossing as she was just so feisty and full of vigor that you new she was a worthy adversary and she would somehow find a way out of her situation. As as for the dreamy good for nothing Rake Grayson you feel his pain as he does not feel worthy of Liviana as he feels he has nothing to really offer her.

Even though he feels all of this he can't stop feeling predatory toward her and it may be the down fall for both of them. We meet Liviana brothers who stir up the pot making the story even more livlier. And the pages are graced by past characters which I so enjoy from story to story. Be sure to read the entire series along with this current story you won't be disappointed it was a fantastic series! Loved it! And as always looking forward to the next book Recommend read to all! Raised in New Orleans with her two werewolf 3. All Livi wants is to go back to New Orleans and continue her unrestrained lifestyle gallivanting through the bayou with her brothers.

Gray and his unmarried brother Archer have been forced by their half-brother and Pack Alpha, Dash the hero from The Taming of the Wolf , to submit to culture lessons. I really enjoyed these two socially awkward characters doing their best to follow the rules of society and bumbling through with only partial success. And Gray — oh poor Gray! I liked Lady Sophie, the woman who is teaching Livi and the Hadley brothers to fit in society, and her antagonistic relationship with Archer is very interesting.

Sep 07, Jen That's What I'm Talking About rated it really liked it Shelves: werewolves , historical-romance , paranormal-romance , westfield-brothers , hadley-brothers-trilogy. To my wonder and delight, we are introduced to newcomer, American Liviana Livi Mayeux. Livi looks for every opportunity to steal her way back home to New Orleans to reunite with her Lycan brothers and father.

Soon the whole gang, including many characters from the previous books, are headed to Bath for some socialization. I was taken with Livi immediately! She is feisty, challenging, and something that Grayson is unsure how to handle. Upon first meeting, Livi recognizes that Gray is a Lycan from his birthmark and proceeds to tell him how she has a similar mark on her thigh! I love how she makes Gray all tongue-tied. Gray and Livi are a romantically beautiful pair.

They are both so uncertain what to do with the other. Their feelings overwhelm them each. One of my favorite scenes was a private moment between the two, while Gray teaches Livi to dance. The interaction is sublimely wonderful and touching. She took a chance and opened up, something uncommon in many historical romances. I'm thankful that Gray didn't just blow her off.

He made it clear he wants her, but they can't go that route. I ached for them both Stuck in a society with rules with which they aren't meant to conform.

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We were introduced to Sophie in the previous story, and she is a clear match for the eldest Hadley brother, Archer. The group on whole is witty and smart; their play on words and jabs are such fun. I love the brash improperness of the dialogue! Of course, not everything goes smoothy, and things begin to look bleak for our couple.

He is falling for Livi, but thinks he cannot court her well, her grandfather did say to stay away. To further the problems, continual misunderstandings cause for a complete breakdown in communications. I will admit that I was extremely frustrated at a couple points, and I was worried that I would get too annoyed to read.

Thankfully, much to my surprise, the entire situation was handled quite well and was actually fairly riveting. Although much of the finale set up felt a bit contrived, the pieces fell into place, and I was extremely satisfied. In the end, Wolfishly Yours was a very enjoyable read, and probably my favorite of the series to date. The shifter aspect was more pronounced in this book than the last, but the story is primarily a historical over paranormal romance.

The pace was quick, action keeping the story progressing forward. Characters, both new and old, were fun. I really loved the "Moonlighting-esque" banter and that Livi isn't a proper English woman. I feel all of these features gave new life to this regency series. Finally, the romance was sweet and appropriate for period piece. Overall a wonderful addition to Ms. Aug 10, Amanda rated it it was amazing Shelves: review-copy-provided , paranormal-urban-fantasy , own-as-an-ebook , historical-romance. So I adore Lydia Dare books, they are fun light reads that always warm your heart.

The paranormal aspect in this book is so light that even those who do not enjoy paranormal would not be fazed. I think lovers of paranormal as well as historical romance will love this books and series. I adore the Hadley brothers especially the twins!

They are just so delightfully roguish and their intentions are good but they always seem to be off when it comes to actually enacting their good intensions. Poor Gray, he keeps trying to do right by Livi but every time he tries to do something good it backfires so horribly onto Livi. From the minute Gray laid eyes on Livi he was entranced by her, not just by her beauty but by her brash and straight forward manner.

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However, he knew that she in in England maybe not by choice but her fate is sealed, to find a rich, respected member of the Ton. Gray knows he is neither and that he should stay far far from this ravishing beauty but against his will he keeps gravitating towards her and keeps on fumbling. Gray is such a sweetheart and watching him just epically fail is quite entertaining. He is nothing if not determined. But even if he does manage to win his lady, what would he do with her? I loved Liviana!

She is brash, speaks her mind and knows what she wants! And what she wants is to go home! Livi was sent to England by way of Louisiana by her father to be made into a lady.

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So far the only good thing she has found about England is Gray. Every move that Livi makes ends up being a disaster and affects her respectability on the marriage mart. She is on the very edge of being ruined and sent to a convent. Just when she has decided to throw everything behind being a lady she is yet again fuel for the gossip fire. Livi certainly handles impending disgrace fairly well. She can definitely hold her own again the disrespectable Hadley brothers; she can even match them disgrace to disgrace.

Rating 4. Oct 25, Shauni rated it really liked it Shelves: netgalley. This is my second book written by the ladies that compromise the Lydia Dare Nome de Plume and I am completely captivated. I am currently working on gathering all of their books but like all things it takes time. As part of a series so very often you hear a book can stand alone and it can't. Or you will read a book and it spends so much time explaining the past books that you get frustrated.

I am so pleased to say that Wolfishly Yours escapes both of those traps. Yes, after reading this I want to This is my second book written by the ladies that compromise the Lydia Dare Nome de Plume and I am completely captivated. Yes, after reading this I want to go back and find out information that was learned in previous books but I am not overwhelmed with information unnecessary to this book. Grayson Hadley is a dog.. He is a rogue and a rake, an impoverished younger brother and a man with no couth..

In frustration his oldest brother the Alpha of the pack, has hired a Lady to give Grayson and his three brothers comportment lessons. To teach them how to get on in society. Yeah, not working out so well.. She has been allowed to run wild until an obnoxious condescending overbearing priest convinces her father that she needs to learn how to be a lady and he sends her off to her Grandfather. A Grandfather that hates her father and resents the fact that his only child left him for a "Frenchman".

He shows his resentment by demanding Livi become a perfect lady.. She and her companion and sons set out to help launch Livi. Only problem is, Livi has no desire to change, the two sons are rogues of the first order and poor Lady Sophie can not create miracles.

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  • I enjoyed this book because Livi and Gray were not typical anything. As wild as the Hadley Brothers are, Livi calls them tame.. While Livi is on her path to secure a husband, others conspire against her. Rocked by scandal, Livi and Gray are forced to marry and yet even when it's what they both want obstacles practically leap out at them. I am completely enjoying Lydia Dare's wit and unique way of writing. Thank you for this opportunity. This is a wonderful giveaway opportunity.

    I love the stories both of these ladies come up with. Thanks so much. Carol L Lucky at aol dot com. How cute is that little guy! He would be so great to cuddle while reading Lydia's books! Not a genre I've read a lot of. I love Lydia Dare's books. I was so surprised when I read it was actually two friends who wrote under that name.

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