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An Example. A college student was referred by a professor when the student made some angry and sarcastic statements in class that gave the professor cause to be concerned about depression and possible suicidal ideation in the student. So, rather than discipline the student for his disrespectful and disruptive behavior, the professor recommended psychotherapy.

On meeting with the student, I learned that there had been no obvious family dysfunction in his childhood, but there had been a time in pre-adolescence when he was hit by a car while riding a bicycle and very nearly died. And, as it happened, he got hit by a car that ran a stop sign.

Treatment took two sessions. It involved some education about how a near-death experience can cause a trauma that lingers in the unconscious even after the event is survived. It involved some hypnosis to give the student a new perspective on the unconscious meaning of his past and to help create a new perspective on his future. And it involved some cognitive-behavioral instruction in changing negative thinking. Back to Types of Psychological Treatment. Each chapter is organized around the psychoanalytic concepts of transference and counter-transference, demonstrating how these concepts bring the work together.

The book is unique in that it is written from the point of view of the student, highlighting the difficulties they may encounter in practice and offering concrete suggestions for technique. Introduction to Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Technique will be of interest to psychoanalysts, psychotherapists, psychiatric residents, graduate psychotherapy students and social work students. Understand Counselling.

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