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The state would then promote these retrofits in its education and outreach efforts. The issue is personal for Wood, a dentist who spent weeks helping identify victims from the Camp Fire and the wine country fires of October The fire-safe building code had its origins in two significant fires from a generation ago — the Panorama Fire of , which spilled out of the mountains into the city of San Bernardino; and the monstrous Oakland Hills Fire of , which wiped out 2, homes and killed 25 people.

In response, the Legislature ordered the Department of Fire Protection and Forestry to start mapping major fire risks in California, in the hinterlands as well as urban areas. The maps spawned tighter building standards.

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The Legislature mandated fire-resistant roofs in these fire-prone areas. Then in the state laid out a more comprehensive scheme. The California Building Standards Commission rolled out a suite of regulations, known as Chapter 7A, that set strict rules for roofing materials, siding, windows, decks and other elements of a home built in or later — right down to the minimum specs for the wire mesh that must be installed on attic vents to keep embers out no more than a quarter-inch of space between the wires.

Experts said the regulations seem to be particularly effective at protecting structures from the types of wildfires that are increasingly common in California, where wind gusts can blow embers a mile or two ahead of the main wall of flames and do some of the worst damage. Enforcement of the building code carries a few wrinkles. In urban areas that have their own fire departments, the code is generally used only in spots where Cal Fire says the threat is very high.

Read more about Notre Dame and the devastating fire:

The map omits small portions of Paradise, but the building code is enforced across the entire town, said Paradise public information officer Colette Curtis. Nevertheless, there are places where local officials are reluctant to impose strict building codes — even where fire has caused catastrophe. City officials are OK with that. In any event, Cal Fire is updating its fire hazard maps over the next year or so, taking into account more sophisticated data on wind and other climate factors, and Sapsis said spots such as Coffey Park could wind up designated as high-risk areas.

Look at Folsom, widely considered one of the most vulnerable places in greater Sacramento to fire. Now the suburb is building a development called Folsom Ranch, eventually to be home to 25, people, on a parcel south of Highway The development is on land that used to be subject to the strict state building code. How did that happen? As it happened, no construction took place during that time, city officials say. The situation changed when the city annexed the land to forge ahead with Folsom Ranch. Is Folsom courting danger?

Paradise provided a grim reminder of that problem. In particular, experts say communities must pay more attention to how they lay out their neighborhoods, allowing for firebreaks and enough space between houses.

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It is going against the tide, or counter-cultural, to live by the truth of the gospel that Christ taught us in the scriptures today. Our modern culture is like drops of water that attempts to water down the gospel truths that we live by, to wear down the foundation of rock that our lives are built on.

It is hard to remain unaffected by the overwhelming majority of those who do not believe in living the harder truths that Jesus spoke of in the gospel today, even within the church itself.

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Have you ever heard of someone receiving three annulments on their marriages and then marrying a fourth time in the church? This is rare, but it does happen. The readings for mass today speak of heaven, hell and purgatory. Christ talks about the reality of hell, when he said we will be liable to fiery Gehenna. Then he talks about purgatory when he told us to settle with our opponent those we have harmed on the way. Otherwise he will hand you over to the judge, then to the guard and then be thrown in prison. It is based on these verses in scripture.

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I almost went up to the dad and asked if he wanted it. Now I wish I had. I took this photo as we were leaving NotreDame about an hour before it caught on fire. Why the Notre Dame fire was so hard to put out.

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After her tweet started gaining some traction on Twitter and people questioned her about the relationship of the little girl and the man, she followed up with a second tweet to clarify that she wasn't absolutely certain what the relationship between the two was.

It may be an uncle, brother, friend, who knows until we find them. The original tweet now has nearly , re-tweets and nearly , likes as of a. ET Tuesday. One thing is for sure, the internet wants to help get this photo to the man and the little girl seen in the photo. If you're interested in sharing the photo, click here to see Brooke's tweet and re-tweet it to your followers.