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Which really makes the mind boggle. So there you have it 7 totally different ManBeasts. Posted by Nicola E. Sheridan at Email This BlogThis! Labels: beast-porn , centaur , erotica , fun facts , hombre gato , hyena man , Magic Thursday , ManBeasts , naga , satyr , troll. Rhyll Biest 13 June at S E Gilchrist 13 June at Nicola E.

Sheridan 13 June at Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. Words: 18, Desires Part Three is the third installment in a new steamy alpha billionaire romance series. Words: 24, Desires Part Two is the third installment in a new steamy alpha billionaire romance series. Words: 31, Desires Part One is the first installment in a new steamy alpha billionaire romance series.

Words: 21, Alexa has walked the earth as a vampire for over 1, years.

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When she falls in love with an Angel named Adam, Alexa is drawn into a battle of immortals which threatens to change the balance of power among the realms All 3 volumes of the Immortal Desires series plus bonus stories Paranormal Pleasure and Virgin Blood included! Words: 11, In this final volume Alexa must sacrifice everything to save the human race from enslavement by the vampires.

With both angels and demons determined to destroy her Alexa will risk everything in hopes of fulfilling her immortal desires. Final Volume of the Immortal Desires series. With her guardian angel Adam protecting her, vampire Alexa travels further down the rabbit hole learning along the way that her world is not all that it seems. Interdimensional portals and insatiable lust fill the pages of this second book. Volume 2 in the Immortal Desires series. Bonus story Virgin Blood included! Words: 10, After being attacked and turned into a vampire millennia ago, Alexa has scoured the earth unsuccessfully looking for others of her kind.

Then a mysterious angel named Adam appears in her life. He has been sent to protect her but when immortal desires are stirred will he be able to resist her Volume 1 in the Immortal Desires series. Bonus story Paranormal Pleasure included! Words: 28, Erotic Vacations Double Omnibus is a 6 story bundle taken from two different series. Words: 40, Through a crazy series of events Bella finds herself the prize of a bet by mysterious billionaire Adam.

Bonus story Desires included! With Hawaii and Vegas behind them Bella and billionaire Adam's relationship comes to a crossroad. A trip to his cabin will reveal Adam's secret and determine their future. Release is the third book in the Billionaire's Bed series. After her night with the mysterious Billionaire in Vegas, Bella now find's herself back at her miserable job in Chicago. But when her miserable boss, a photoshoot, and a deserted stretch of beach collide Bella will be left satisfied. Seduction is the second book in the Billionaire's Bed series.

Bonus stories Friends With Benefits and Crave included! Words: 19, Bella is in Vegas for a girl's weekend with her friends from college. Through a series of events she finds herself being used as collateral in a high-stakes game of poker. If she wins, her money will be doubled. If she loses, Bella will be leaving the game with a mysterious blue-eyed billionaire.

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The Bet is the first book in the Billionaire's Bed series. Omnibus The Billionaire Affair Vol. Words: 34, After falling in love with the mysterious Billionaire Michael, Jenny finds herself pulled into a world of danger and intrigue. Now hunted by a dangerous Russian named Viktor Jenny and Michael will set off on a perilous journey to save their lives. A bundle of the first 3 stories in The Billionaire Affair series.

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Denial The Billionaire Affair Vol. Words: 12, In this volume Jenny and Michael decide that the only way they can ever be safe is to kill Viktor. A plan is made, a trap is set, and lustful desires are satisfied. The third story in The Billionaire Affair series. Danger The Billionaire Affair Vol.

Volume 2 in the Billionaire Affair series. Desire The Billionaire Affair Vol. Jenny is a high priced call-girl that takes on a very mysterious wealthy client named Michael. After one amazing and intriguing night she finds herself developing feelings for him that she can't explain. Those feelings are tested when Michael whisks her off on a private jet for an unknown destination and reveals the secrets of who he really is.

This omnibus is approximately 15, words in length. Bonus stories Lust Immortal Desires Vol.

The time has come for Jessica to meet to coven. In order for her acceptance she will have to face Elder Lord Alexandra and go through a series of trials to prove her worth. If she can make it through the initiation and be accepted, Jessica will find out just how carnal this coven can be! Bonus stories Lust and Virgin Blood included!

With her transformation now beginning Jessica will struggle as she learns to about her new world. Eric, the man who brought her into the life of the immortals will be there to guide her, including showing her just how heightened her senses have become. After six months of dating Jessica is convinced she is dating the perfect man. If she wants to stay with him Jessica will be forced to make the most difficult decision of her life. Bonus story Lust Immortal Desires Vol. Words: 51, The Erotic Romance Starter Pack is a 7 story bundle that allows you to sample different steamy series from author Mindy Wilde.

Words: 95, My Alpha is a 12 book bundle taken from 4 different series. All stories are steamy, complete, and HEA. Words: 45, OM MY! A Vampire's Kiss is a collection of 9 volumes from 3 different paranormal romance series. All stories are complete, steamy, and HEA. Kelly and her husband Rob fly to Las Vegas for a vacation with their good friends. The first night ended up with the two couples swapping spouses and the second night found all four of them in bed together it seemed like anything can happen in Vegas.

In volume three the couples explore new boundaries as they take their friendship to a whole new level 6 miles above the earth. Published: May 13, After the first night ended up with the two couples swapping spouses it seemed like anything can happen in Vegas. In volume two the couples explore new boundaries as they take their friendship to a whole new level. Published: January 14, After a night of excitement, adventure, and seduction on the strip Kelly and Rob find out just how "good" their friends really are.

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Published: November 8, In this trilogy Jessica and Rob explore their erotic side with adventures on a private Bahamian island, with a group of friends at their beach house rental, and finally on a cruise with an alluring married couple. In the final installment of the Sexy Summer Series Rob and Jessica decide to end the summer by going on the cruise. Although they have not set out to seek any erotic adventure things change when they meet Michael and Angela. By the time their ship returns to port Jessica's life will be changed forever!

Published: October 29, Rob and Jessica head to the South Carolina coast for an annual get-together with Jessica's old college friends. When her friend Laura reveals that she is having some trouble in the bedroom with her husband a plan is hatched to help. This year at the Beach House the women will be taking their friendship to a whole new level!

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Published: October 24, The Erotica Starter Pack is a bundle that allows you to sample four different series from author Mindy Wilde. These titles range from Billionaires to Vampires and are quick reads that you can enjoy during a lunch break or before bed for a little inspiration. Words: 4, Published: October 22, Rob whisks Jessica away for a surprise weekend on a private island in the Bahamas.

After getting riled up on the plane ride she has only one thing on her mind as she tries to find some relief in her new Carribean paradise. Bonus stories Crave and Friends With Benefits have also been included. Words: 7, Published: October 20, Melissa is excited as her boyfriend takes her up to his family cabin for a weekend getaway.

A little tired from the trip Melissa is hesitant to head out on a walk in the wintery woods. All of that changes when Eric takes her to his special place. Winter Wonderland is a sexy romantic short story approximately words in length.

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A bonus story Private Island has also been included. Words: 27, Published: October 17, Omnibus Erotic Vampire Tales Trilogy is a collection of volumes in the series. This omnibus is approximately 18, words in length. Annabelle desperately tries to figure out what to do. Turning the love of her life into a vampire without permission is a forbidden act. With her options narrowing there is only one option. The hunted must become the hunter.

Ryan awakens from his transformation as Annabelle tries to figure out how to protect him from Ulric. With her options narrowing she realizes that if they are going to live there is only one choice, the hunter must become the hunted. Published: October 9, Annabelle feels lost as she desperately tries to figure out what to do.