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It's then rest and recovery that makes your muscle size grow. Larger groups of muscles can work harder but will take longer to recover and it's important that you allow them all time to recover before you complete the next workout. Not everyone wants to hit the gym. After all, if you're a beginner, you might not know what exercises to do, or how to do them. If you want to see the 5 Best Muscle Building Exercises and exactly how to do them, you can check out our free video by clicking this link. In fact, there are several things you can be doing at home with just a set of dumbbells, kettlebells or a barbell and just 6ft of floor space.

In fact, that is all the weight lifting equipment you really need to build some great lean muscle! Simple dumbbells or kettlebells will allow you to complete any exercises you need to get you working hard. You just need to know which moves to make:. These will work all the different muscles in your body and, providing you complete the right number of reps, push your muscles to grow stronger.

If you want to advance to the gym, I would recommend avoiding the weight machines. These will remove the need for your body to support itself and reduce your core body strength. The important part of these routines is that you perfect the technique for each of your exercises.

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You can do this by using a mirror, filming yourself or getting a friend to watch. This will enable you to correct your exercise and get the maximum benefit and workout safely and efficiently. Many people will tell you about the importance of working out with a friend. While this is not obligatory it can make a huge difference to your motivation and your ability to stick to your exercise and diet plan. Your companion can be a partner or a friend.

Research has shown that people will generally perform better and improve faster when they have active support. This is what can drive you to get out of bed at five in the morning; even when you want to stay snuggled under the covers! Remember: the answer to how to build lean muscle is to take small steps and remain consistent.

Perfect each stage of your workout, balance your diet and allow yourself recovery time. The guides referred to in this article will help you to reach your goals, but patience is essential. You want to build a lifetime commitment to health and fitness, not fall victim to the latest fad. I really hope this article has encouraged you to get started and given you the information on how to build lean muscle you had hoped for. Inside FF30X, you'll receive:. Always consult with your doctor before making decisions about your health.

How to Lean Bulk (Step by Step Guide) - Clean Bulking Diet & Meal Plan - Bulk Without Getting Fatter

This is not medical advice — simply well-researched information. Thanks for reading!

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    Remember, too much of anything is usually not a good thing, including too much natural fat intake. Control your fat intake like carb intake to get that lean body. Lifting weights will not magically make you ripped. Lifting weights and the right nutrition plan will give you a sexy lean physique that will make your haters jealous come bikini season. Building a muscular and ripped physique takes a focused, planned effort particularly for women.

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    Not only will resistance training help you reach your goals quicker because lean muscle boosts metabolism , but it has many proven health benefits like:. To sum it all up, there are basically three pillars to creating a lean, sexy body: Nutrition, Strength, and Cardio. All three things build on each other and need to co-exist. Your time is at a premium.

    I focus on providing you with the simple tips and motivation to help you conquer your goals. Toggle navigation. Learn how calories work: The general guide for figuring out calorie intake is your body weight multiplied by Starving yourself is not the answer! You need protein and fat is not your enemy: Protein is the thing that will help you maintain the muscle you already have.

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