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Two noted scholars from Greece, Argiris Archakis and Villy Tsakona, wrote this interdisciplinary book on pragmatic analysis linked with the narrative construction of social identities. This intersection between these two disciplinary fields is not new Bamberg , but this book brings a very original contribution and introduces a welcome educational dimension that is not common to most works in narrative studies. Their aim and plea is outlined right from the start. Incidentally, the concept of ideologies reappears frequently, although it was not listed in the index see pp.

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Although it might seem familiar to scholars in sociolinguistics, the theoretical framework described in the first two chapters should not be overlooked because it provides an excellent mapping of narrative studies. Then, Chapters demonstrate through conversation analysis plus a variety of examples even punch lines and jab lines how teenage identities can be constructed through narrative mechanisms p.

Finally, the last three chapters give and compare some new frameworks for the analysis of conversational narratives p.

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Lower intensity, on the other hand, is used by young female narrators in the representation of talk with authority-out-group figures, as a means of reducing the authority of the adult voices represented in their narratives. The qualitative analysis of our data is further supported by quantitative analysis.

We conclude that intensity differentiation in the direct speech quotations of young female narrators functions as a contextualization cue signalling, on the one hand, their independence from adult authority and, on the other, their in-group bonds. Argiris Archakis. Informal talk in formal settings: Humorous narratives in Greek parliamentary debates.

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  5. Villy Tsakona. Doing indiscipline in narrative performances: How Greek students present themselves disobeying their teachers.

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    Sociocultural diversity, identities, and critical education: Comparing conversational narratives at school. A four-part model for narrative genres and identities: Evidence from Greek data. Talking different heterosexualities: the permissive, the normative and the moralistic perspective — evidence from Greek youth storytelling. Narrative positioning and the construction of situated identities: Evidence from conversations of a group of young people in Greece.

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    You know like you can be a hundred percent worker, a hundred percent mother, a hundred percent wife. And you have these terrible decisions to make: Do you stay home? Do you work? Do you go after the brass ring in your career? What do you do with your children? You unconditionally love them and you would give anything for them. You would give up your life, you career, your home. Pick a text you currently use. Reference the text directly or think about the text, depending on your familiarity with it.

    Share your ideas as a group. Return to watch the video s a second time if necessary. Our identities are ever changing.

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    What specific, measurable, actionable, realistic and relevant, timely goal can you set for yourself in your practice that will help to facilitate identity understanding in your students? Essential Questions. What is identity? How is identity developed? How does identity affect our relationships?

    Learners will: Define what shapes our identities; Understand the five identity anchor standards in the Teaching Tolerance Social Justice Standards; and Relate how identity has many characteristics and affects relationships within the school building and classroom. You need:.

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    Related Resources. The standards provide a common language and organizational structure: Teachers can use them to guide curriculum development, and administrators can use them to make schools more just, equitable and safe.